Crew Safety

A safety presentation is given to all rowers at the beginning of each program. Attendance is mandatory, even for experienced rowers.

Rowers must vouch for their personal health and physical condition before participating in a rowing program. Those joining the spring varsity program must take a swim test, which includes the requirements of swimming for 100 yards, treading water for 10 minutes, and swimming underwater for 10 feet. Participants in the summer and fall programs do not need to take this test, but must affirm that they will be comfortable on the water.

Rowers are advised to wear sunscreen during sunny days, regardless of the time of year. It is also recommended that they bring an extra pair of clothes in case the clothes they wear during practice get wet.

Practices on the water will be canceled, with indoor practice substituted, during the following conditions:

  • Air temperature below 40 degrees
  • Heavy rain
  • Snow
  • Winds high enough to create waves that can swamp or upset a boat

Coaches will monitor weather conditions to determine how long rowers should be on the water. In the event of an unexpected thunderstorm, rowers will be directed to go to one of several designated refuge sites around Lake Pattagansett.