Parking at the Boathouse


We have to be careful about parking in our extremely small area at the lake during pick up. The Pattagansett Lake Boat Launch is a public access boat ramp and boaters must always have a place to enter the area, launch their boat, and park their rigs. This is true even in the 15 minutes it takes to pick up our rowers. Please park in the grassy area on the far side of the parking lot, the blue area on the photo. Watch for rowers walking and carrying the oars and boats. If that area is full, please fill in the grass parking area to the East Side of the boathouse, shown in green. Also, fill in the dirt parking area in the center, marked on the photo in yellow. Park with your front tires all the way up to the pavement, because unfortunately we may need to squeeze up to 3 cars deep in this area. Moving quickly out of the way of the boaters is always a possibility. Notice in this area there is a space closest to the lake, in which trailered boats and vehicles may pass through. Let’s keep that passageway open. Do not park in the eastern most portion of the boat launching area, or the red area of the photo. Though it is shady, seemingly out of the way and convenient, it does block the way of the public boaters. The purple shown on the photo marks the entrance and exit to the boathouse area.