Parent Information

Look around the website for helpful information on Meetings, Fund Raisers, Schedules, Events and other important news. On top of reading this section thoroughly, ask questions as they come up, as knowledge gained in this section is often too overwhelming for you to completely absorb in one attempt. As each season progresses, the coaches will make decisions and changes as needed to benefit the rowers: please remember they are the ones who lay out the season for us, the schedules, practices and rules, which sometimes means it changes at a moment’s notice. We strive to be flexible!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and when there is no scheduled regatta, Saturday. There are two buses during the week, from East Lyme high school to the boathouse, which your…

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Spring Regattas

Spring Season is exciting! The boats race one another: up to 6 in one race, lining up at the start line, initiating rowing with the sound of the “gun”, and…

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Mandatory Parent/Rower Meeting & Launch Party

These are both great opportunities for parents to begin to get to know other parents, understand the Rowing world, pick out some “Swag” for themselves and their rower, and gather…

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Email has been the preferred method of communication from the coaches, please bear in mind that the master list changes between seasons and years, potentially delaying your email from making…

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If anything, East Lyme Rowers love the Vikings and LOVE rowing apparel. Check out the apparel section on the ELRA website, where you’ll find pictures of everything.

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Food & Drink for Spring Regattas

Typically, Spring Crew events take up an entire day and we take nutrition for the rowers VERY seriously. This area is the greatest difference between Spring and Fall Seasons. The…

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