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Many of our rowers have described their teammates as a second family. When rowing an eight, everyone needs to work together as one. This develops strong bonds, with each rower learning to trust and assist the others in the boat.

Few public schools have crew teams, so those who participate in the sport often put themselves in a very competitive position for college scholarships. Many colleges are looking for athletes to fill out their crew programs, and are willing to provide excellent incentives to attract rowers who excel in high school.

Contrary to popular belief, rowing doesn’t just work out your back and arms. It’s one of the few sports that exercises all major muscle groups, including your core and legs. A regular rowing routine can get you in the best shape of your life.

Crew is a no impact sport, minimizing the risk of injury. It can also help improve flexibility, endurance, balance, and mental focus.

And perhaps most important: it’s fun!

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